TréSkin Partner & Customer Movement Policy

PARTNER ENROLLMENT: TréSkin wants to ensure your Partners are enrolled directly to you.

Please always have your Partner click on your Partner Invite Link (found in your Partner dashboard) to invite them to your team. However, if someone does not click on your Partner Invite Link when they enroll, the following is permitted to help them move to you:

During the first calendar month of a new TréSkin Partner enrollment, a new Partner may request to be moved underneath a sponsor of their choice. Our Customer Service Team will facilitate an assignment of the New Partner once we receive written notice from the Partner wishing to be re-assigned. After the first month, reassignment and moves are unsupported. Anyone wishing to move at a future time, would need to have their Partner account cancelled, and then re-enroll under a Partner of their choice. This is permitted, but not encouraged. 

Note: Previously generated referral commissions will not be moved. Once the Partner is successfully moved, future commissions may be earned. 

CUSTOMER ENROLLMENT: TréSkin wants you to have all of your customers enrolled directly to you.

TréSkin provides each Partner a unique Customer Referral Link. In order for a customer to be connected to your Partner Account, they must click your Customer Referral Link and make a successful purchase. If you want to verify who you are connected to, please log into your Partner Dashboard, and view your Connected Customers. If you do not see a particular customer, reach out to them to confirm if they have placed an order with you.

If the customer orders without clicking your Customer Referral Link, you may submit a Customer Move Request Form.