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TréSkin 100% Pure Mineral Eyeshadows are a natural alternative to the chemical-based eyeshadows on the market today. Our eyeshadows are made with only pure minerals, which do no harm, and are free from talc, fillers, chemicals and bismuth oxychloride. They are also perfect for those with sensitive skin, rosacea and acne. Available in a wide range of beautiful shades, these eyeshadows are great for day or night. Each eyeshadow doubles as an eyeliner when applied with a wet brush, and are so versatile that they can also be used as a lipstick, nail polish and for streaking your hair with color.


When you first open your TréSkin Pure Mineral Eyeshadow, you will notice a sticker covering the holes of the jar. Do not remove that sticker. Our suggestion is to poke two holes with a pin. This will make sure that you won’t be shaking out too much eyeshadow in the lid and possibly wasting some of the product. Of course, if you want more product to come out quickly, go ahead and remove the sticker.

Now that you’re ready to use our eyeshadow, tap a small amount of eyeshadow into the lid. Using our Dual Eyeshadow Brush, apply the eyeshadow to the larger brush, tap off the excess on the lid, then brush on the eyelid dry for a subtle wash of color or apply with a damp brush for a more dramatic effect. This creates a richly pigmented, more intense eye color that will not crease.

Additional Uses

Eyeliner: Using the small dual brush tip, dip into water, then the eyeshadow to create an eyeliner. Define the eye by lining underneath the lower lashes and above the upper lashes.

Lip Color: TréSkin offers an Organic Lip Base, which is not only great for conditioning the lips making them soft and supple, but adding the eyeshadow or blush, with our retractable lip brush, creates a customized look for your lips.

Nail Polish: For a unique color that matches your eyeshadow or blush, take a bottle of a clear nail polish or top coat and tap in some of the eyeshadow/blush to customize your nail polish. Just shake the bottle and you’re ready to apply.

Hair Streaks: Tap minerals into small amount hair gel and mix with fingers. Create streaks by running your fingers down small sections of your hair. The color is safe and washes out. 

  • TréSkin’s Mineral Makeup is high performance makeup.
  • 100% pure mineralsHealthy makeup that’s good for your skin. No fillers, talcs, chemicals or oils
  • Natural SPF does not cause cell deterioration
  • No bismuth oxychloride which is a bulking agent that can irritate the skin
  • Titanium dioxide provides anti-inflammatory properties and soothes the skin
  • No nano-particles
  • Easy to apply

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, (may contain iron oxides, carmine).